Hospital Photos-Today

For those that have asked about photos of the hospital, I’ll add them over time. Most of the old ones I have, I’ve uploaded to Part of the hospital was demolished in 2011 and more will occur this year. When the state is finished, not much will remain unfortunately. They figure the less that remains, the less people will ask questions about it’s history. Promises were made about preservation, then for whatever reason, they vanished. In the early phase of the planning the state & college wanted to demolish everything.

One of the photos I took in in February 2011 as demolition began on the old female wards, built in the 1860s. This wing wasn’t in as bad shape as they said, it was just in the way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These are from earlier in 2010. A view of the rear of the building pre-demo. As you can see, it was pretty solid.

This what the screened-in porches looked like.

According to a retired employee, this was used to dispose of waste from bedpans.

In the top floor of the demolished section was this door.

For those that could use the bathroom, this is what they had to look forward to.

The bathrooms at Manteno State Hospital (IL) weren’t much better.

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