2013 Reburial

So I stopped by the cemetery, Monday the 13th to do some minor work before the official ceremony the following day. I noticed, as I pulled up, there were quite a few vehicles & people standing around. Turns out, despite our previous agreement, the state had decided to reinter and cover the remains before the official ceremony. The exact details have yet to be explained to me and were not mentioned at the ceremony the following day. Fortunately I took some photos before it was all covered. My guess is they decided they didn’t want the media to see the actual boxes of remains, as I was told by a state official I could not post the photos I took. Although many others were taking photos with their phones and nothing was said to them.

More bothersome was the fact the county coroner made jokes about the weight of one box of remains, he said something along the lines of “wow, this one must of worked in the kitchen and ate all the left-overs” & another I wont bother repeating. He then stood in front of a crowd Tuesday and talked about the respect the remains were handled with that day. There was little dignity in the handling of these patients that day. It only confirms what I have said before. I can only imagine what this man says about other deceased people when no one is around to hear it! He talked about the iron coffin but never mentioned that it had a name on it of course.

We were also told we would be allowed to speak at the ceremony, but that also never happened. Nor did anyone acknowledge our group. I will thank Sister Clara and Rabbi Marc for their words at the cemetery, sadly none of that made it to the paper or other media.

Also thanks to Mary Hatton, our main genealogist that was a nurse at ESH for over 20 years. Mary Johnson that worked for the administrator in the 1950s & 1960s. Bruce Burris, founder of our group, this probably wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t found the cemetery by accident. Jeff Johnson in Volunteer Services at the hospital. And to all the members of our group and relatives.

Anyway, here are the  photos I’m not allowed to share with anyone. If I get in trouble, hopefully someone that sees this is a lawyer!


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