Reburial 2013 Update

I stopped at the cemetery the other day to spread some mulch and noticed the “trench” was finished for the 178 remains. If it looks somewhat shallow, that’s because it is. They are going by the state minimum requirement. Sad to think these poor souls have to resign to yet more “minimum requirements” by the state. 002

9 thoughts on “Reburial 2013 Update

      • Phil, Were several remains put into one casket to cut down on the number of caskets? I’m just trying to sort this out in my head. I’m glad they were reinterred but did they have to be so cheap?

      • Some of the remains found were difficult to separate or intermingled so they were reburied as they were found. Likely from remains being buried on top of those buried in previous years.

  1. This is just awful. I have been trying for years to find my family member who was buried here in 1932 does anyone know if its possible to figure out where he may be?

    • The death certificate will say where they are buried (the asylum or elsewhere), but exactly where will never be known unfortunately. A burial in 1932 was likely originally in the cemetery next to what is now the YMCA & moved to the current cemetery.

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