Annual Reports, Pt. 1

Although we don’t have access to the records the state has from ESH and other important records have been lost, there are some of the old annual reports.  The first annual report gives a list of patients by name and the county they came from, then later the names are not given. However names can be obtained from census records, go figure.

Up until the early 1900s, the annual reports give an idea of what was going on at the hospital, and more importantly, number of deaths. It’s impossible to know if all deaths were recorded, but by 1869, ESH had 1,191 deaths. It doesn’t state how many were buried at the asylum, but odds are more then half probably were. The last one to mention deaths with a number was the 1911-1913 summary with a total of 275 deaths; 3 by suicide & 2 by “accidental strangulation.” It makes no mention of the several homicides found in the newspapers though. By the 1920s there are no more numbers given on deaths, probably due to the law requiring death certificates.

deaths1865Annual report summary from 1865. It states 1,005 patient deaths


By 1869 the number of deaths since 1824 is 1,191 & by the end of 1855 the number of deaths exceeded the number of recoveries by 75.

1911-13In the 1911-1913 report the hospital says they recorded 275 deaths in that period. No idea if any of the 50 escaped patients ended up buried at the cemetery since they were wards of the state if they died.

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